Zar LHR Series

MOTORIZED LUMBAR SYSTEM Automatically achieve optimal lower lumbar support for muscle relief and overall body wellness.

MOTORIZED HEADREST Headrest can be articulated back and forward using power buttons on inside arm switch.

GERMAN MOTORS Best in class motors that are quiet and smooth for the ultimate in power recline.

ITALIAN LEATHER UPHOLSTERY We source our luxurious leathers from the finest Italian tanneries.

USB DOCK POWER SWITCH Each power switch includes either a single or dual USB docking station to power up your devices.

ACCESSORY DOCK The dock enables you to add accessories including tray tables, phone holder, wine holder, etc.

GEL INFUSED MEMORY FOAM A soothing layer of cooling gel memory foam to ensure the ultimate in comfort and relaxation.

1.8 HIGH DENSITY FOAM CORE To ensure longevity, our premium foam will provide a lifetime of blissful use.

NO-SAG SINUOUS SPRINGS Situated at the seat and back, our zig zag springs provide lasting support and seating comfort.

INDIVIDUAL POCKETED COILS Placed inside the seat core, our seats will never lose their shape and provide the ultimate comfort story.

ERGONOMICALLY DESIGNED Our models have full lumbar and head support so you can watch movies for hours on end.

KILN-DRIED HARDWOOD FRAME With a combination of metal and kiln-dried wood, our frames will outlast ordinary furniture.

Good looks can apply to furniture. We have the proof – The Zar LHR (Lumbar Head Rest) home theater recliner – delivers with clean lines and a thick comfort pad that runs down the entire seat cushion and footrest. Say hello to your new comfort zone. There is no better way to relax! Motorized lumbar support, motorized power recline, and motorized headrest adjust all come standard with this seat. Each of these functions is controlled from the inside arm where a sleek control panel with elegant buttons forms the nexus of this seat. Can you see your weekends changing forever now before your eyes? There you are, reclining back with the perfect headrest angle and lumbar support, cool drink in hand and getting ready for the show. This is the new caliber of entertainment that you need to access now! The Zar theater seat also includes a USB charging port and ambient lighting under the chair and in the cup holders. Turn the lights on/off as you set the mood for the night ahead. The armrests also lift up to reveal hidden storage compartments for your remotes and guides. Did we mention the greatest features are still yet to come? This premium movie lounger has our accessory dock located in the front portion of the arm. The dock holds a wide range of fun and exciting add-ons to your furniture. These accessories include items like tray table options in aluminum, wood or glass. Popcorn bowl and wine glass holders for your food and beverages. There are reading lights, Ipad holders, phone holders, and the list goes on and on. The path to a new level of comfort is not difficult to find. We have the Zar that’s going to change your weekends forever. Let us show YOU how to relax.

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