Vega Mega Max

If you need a new recliner that supports a lot of weight, the Vega Mega Max is the perfect option. The seat can hold up to 400 pounds with its has wider arms, a wider and deeper seat, a taller back, and longer depth when fully reclined. This recliner provides a comfortable seat to any size person along with amazing features and a power reclining system.

This model includes 3 separate German-engineered motors – one is for the powered headrest to adjust your viewing angle, one is for the motorized lumbar support system near the lower back, and one is for the power recline. With this particular reclining system, you have an unlimited number of possible seating positions so you are sure to find the perfect one. All of the powered motors together will create muscle and tension relief wherever you need it.

The features on this recliner are abundant and useful. There is an LED lighting system that provides a soft blue blow along the base rail and within the cup holders making you feel like you are in the actual cinema. There is a USB port to charge your device next to the power switch. The chair also comes with deep arm storage to keep your items or remotes. Last, the chair has a built-in accessory dock to put one of Octanes many accessories such as a snack bowl, phone holder, tray table, or even wine glass holder.

Octane furniture is always made to last which is why they use the best materials for their recliners. Premium Italian Leather is one of the amazing upholstery options, within the seat the cushioning is made from high-density foam and a layer of gel-infused memory foam to provide amazing support. The solid steel and hardwood frame holds the chair together with great stability.

With this product offering a 5-year manufacturer warranty and free shipping come with it making the value even greater. Call or contact us online to order your new recliner today!