Arachnid Cricket Pro 900

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  • IMPROVED PLAYABILITY AND DURABILITY – This electronic dartboard boasts the NylonTough™ segments, which offers durability that can withstand countless games, and shows an exceptional playability by maintaining its shape over time. Also, it has a micro thin segment dividers to reduce the occurrence of bounce-outs and increase the scoring potential of the board. Dimensions: 21 W x 2.1 W x 29.5 H inches / Weight: 9.3 Pounds
  • COOL GAME FEATURES – Enjoy 48 games (8 new), with 354 variations and one-touch quick select of 301/cricket. These 8 exciting new games include 501 League, 601 League, 701 League, 801 League, 901 League, Bingo, Best of Nine, and Hound and Hare. Perfect for 8 players with 4 player score display. The dart averaging for ’01 games helps you track and evaluate your game by providing the average point per dart at the end of each player’s round.
  • Choose from these available features when you play this game: Single in/out and double in/out, solo play, player handicap, sleep mode, reset.
  • ADVANCED VOICE PROMPT – Featuring a state of the art voice prompt that announces the dart score and an enhanced voice record feature that is available for your use. This dart board also has an optional 3-level Heckler which makes this game board interactive by harassing players for impressive scores and bad throws.
  • VIBRANT DESIGN and COMES WITH FREE ACCESSORIES – The board is designed in tournament spider and in trademarked tournament colors. What’s more, this package includes 6 Soft-tip darts and extra tips, AC adapter, mounting hardware, game instructions, and operating manual.